Aberl (Germany) http://www.aberl.info/

Barco Industries (Reading, PA) http://www.barcotools.com
Note: Now producing the “Kelly” branding of axes that were previously made by other companies

Bahco (Sweden) http://www.jhwilliamstoolgroup.com/
Note: New production axes are apparently made in Germany…but there is some discrepancy here

Bark River Knife & Tool (Escanaba, MI) http://www.barkriverknifetool.com/
Note: Also provide axe profiling, grinding, and sharpening services

Council Tool Company (Lake Waccamaw, NC) http://www.counciltool.com/
Note: These are 100% USA Made

Craftsman (USA?) http://www.sears.com/

Estwing (Rockford, IL) http://www.estwing.com/

Firestone (Tucson, AZ) http://www.mcgowanmfg.com/index.cfm?category=1

Fiskars (Finland) http://www3.fiskars.com/

Fitzi (Switzerland) http://www.werkzeugschmied.ch/

Forrest Tool Company (Durango, CO) http://www.maxax.com/

Garant (Québec, Canada) http://www.garant.com/

Gerber Legendary Blades (Finland?) http://www.gerbergear.com/
Note: Gerber is now a Fiskars Brand.  Fiskars and Gerber have a similar product offering.

Gransfors Bruks (Bergsjö, Sweden) http://www.gransfors.com/

Hultafors (Sweden) http://www.hultaforsgroup.com/
Note: Hults Bruks is now part of Hultafors Group.  I don’t think they are using the name Hults Bruks anymore

Husqvarna (Sweden) http://www.husqvarna.com/us/
Note: These are re-branded Wetterlings axes

Leborgne (France) http://www.leborgne.fr/index_en.html

Lee Reeves (Shattuck, OK) http://ssidders.tripod.com/id69.htm

Leonhard Müller & Söhne (Austria) http://www.mueller-hammerwerk.at/

Marble’s (USA?) ???
Note: Still produced but I don’t think they are made in the USA

Ochsenkopf Äxte (Germany) http://www.gedore.de/
Note:”Ox Head” branding for USA market
Note: Stihl re-brands these axes for the US market…they use the “Iltis” line of Ochsenkopf axes
Note: Makes the axes used in Stihl Timer Sports

Pfeil Tools (Switzerland) http://www.pfeiltools.ch/

Plumb (Philadelphia, PA) http://www.cooperhandtools.com/
Note: Produced “Keen Kutter” for a time in addition to Kelly
Note: Current production is by Cooper tools with their headquarters in Houston, TX

Roughneck (UK) http://www.olympia-tools.co.uk/

Snow & Nealley (Brewer, ME) http://www.snowandnealley.com/
Note: Raw forgings are imported from China, tempering/handling takes place in Maine
Note: Best Made Axe Co. sells rebranded versions of these.

Stihl (Germany) http://stihl.com/
Note: These are rebranded Ochsenkopf “Ilsit” axes.  Also, Stihl previously sold re-branded Fiskars axes….as far as I know they no longer do.

Tosa Uchi Hamono (Japan)

True Temper (USA?)

Tuatahi Axes (New Zealand)
Note: Highly regarded for their race axes, but make work axes as well

Vaughan (USA?)
Note: Produce the “Supersteel” and “Sub-Zero” brandings

Wetterlings (Storvik, Sweden)

Companies in red are currently stocked by J. Hollywood Edge Co.